Who Else Wants To Learn How You Can Stop Your Self-Limiting Beliefs From Ever Controlling Your Life Again... So You Can Finally Start Making The Money You Deserve?

Listen In Now As I Teach You How To Stop Letting Fear and Self-Doubt Hold You Back From The Income And Lifestyle That You Desire!

How Many Times Have You Let Fear Of Failure Stand In The Way Of Your Success?

Do you already know that you're capable of great things in your life, yet time and time again, you keep running into roadblocks?

How many times have you started a new project knowing that "it was going to be the one" that would finally help you break through and achieve the success you've been dreaming about for years? Only to find that you get held up before you finish it due to the self-doubt that keeps you from ever finishing a project?

If this has ever happened to you before, let me assure you that you're not alone! Fear of failure stops more people in its tracks than  there are people that are able to break through and succeed.


Today is the day that you can put an end to this vicious cycle and learn how to "Turn Your Fear Into Success"

From, Andrew Holtom

Dear Friend,

I'm glad you made it here today, because what I'm about to tell you will very likely change your life forever by helping you to break through the barriers that have been keeping you from success for so many years.

If you're like I was a few short years ago, then you likely have had a few small successes, but also started many projects that just never came to completion. You had a great idea when you started but, due to a number different things or self created excuses, you never finished your project. Maybe it is still sitting half completed with no end in sight.

You know everything that you need to do to get your project finished, but something just holds you back and you're not sure why.

Could it possibly be the fear of completing a project, then launching it and worrying that your customers may not actually like it? Or that you will complete it but nobody will buy? Or could it be that you just haven't been able to maintain the focus to get it completed, because you jump from project to project, never really completing any of them?

You are not alone, I assure you. I'm here today to tell you the success you're looking for can be right around the corner, if you just get focused and don't give up!

Getting focused and staying focused are such huge problems for entrepreneurs that work from home on the Internet. There are so many distractions available to you that it can be incredibly hard to concentrate on your project and actually get it completed so you can actually launch it.

It's so easy to get distracted. Watching TV, answering emails, browsing the Internet, looking for the next big business opportunity... anything but working on your project!

The Fact Of The Matter Is... You Already Know What To Do...
YOU Just Need To Focus And Do It!

How many times have you opted to turn on the TV set instead of writing your latest newsletter? How many times have you started your newsletter but, only one paragraph in, decided to get up and go check out the refrigerator?

Sure, it's great to be self-employed and work from home on the Internet. But, unless you get focused and start taking action immediately on all of your projects, you can actually end up in a worse position than you used to be in when you had a 'real job'.

Now I'm not going to try to tell you that you're a bad person because you allow distractions to play a major role in your life. I am not going to try to make you feel guilty by reminding you of how much money you have left on the table over the last couple of years. We have all been guilty of these weaknesses at some time, me included.

Hey, if you are able to pay your bills and you're happy with your current lifestyle, then you may just be content to continue on as you've been doing for years, just getting by with the bare minimum when it comes to taking advantage of your full potential.

But... if you are sick of being a procrastinator and you are tired of letting lack of focus, fear of failure, or any other sort of negativity rule your life then....

The Time To Make A Change Is NOW!

Now is the time to gain focus and clarity and take the giant leap forward that you know in your heart of hearts you are capable of.

Once you get into the habit of taking action on a daily basis and stop letting the little time-wasters hold you back by allowing them to creep into your day-to-day life, your current business and lifestyle will explode to an entirely new level.

Life is hard sometimes. You know what you need to do to succeed but you're overcome with fear of failure. Or maybe you just can't find the motivation that you need to get the job done. You're not alone, we've all been there.

You've probably also thought to yourself hundreds of times that "there has to be something that will help me get things done". You may have even bought some of the programs out there and just didn't get the results you were looking for.

I've had the same thing happen when trying some of the self-help courses available.

Why Is It That So Many "Self-Help" Courses
Just Don't "Help" You Get The Results You Want?

This is a great question. It took me years to find out why this is and the answer is this: The authors who create these "self-improvement" courses, although very successful themselves, just aren't good teachers. That's not to say they are all bad, but they fail to communicate everything to you. And they do not fully understand the particular problems you face as an Internet marketer.

Sure, you may get good advice, but there are key parts of it that the author does as "Second Nature" and those are the parts that make their system actually link together and work for them. This makes it very difficult for other people to get the same results as they do for themselves. And that's why so many of the self-improvement programs out there just don't do what they promise.

You Need A Motivating, Positive Thinking System Designed Specifically For Internet Marketers To Excel In Your Online Business...

Here are some home truths: Most people doing business online with information products, software products and newsletters are just lazy. Not all of them, but the majority are. They outsource someone to create one product a year for them and live off of the proceeds. That's not a bad thing, that's outsourcing at it's finest.

But imagine what you could do. With some motivation, you could be releasing a product a month and crushing the competition! An effective positive and motivational thinking system is all you need to out-perform the majority of marketers out there.

When people see you coming out with products at lightning speed, what are they going to think? They're going to think "This person has their pulse on the market and is the go-to person in this field".

You have to move as fast as the Internet to stick out in the crowd because Internet customers want information delivered faster, new products released faster and customer service provided faster. They want everything faster. And, if you don't give it to them, they will go to someone who will.

How Do You Know Who To Trust?

With all of the "get rich quick" scammers and "snake oil" salesman out there, it's hard to believe anyone nowadays. Some of these people are just "wannabe" information publishers who have really had no success of their own. So they aren't speaking from experience and their 'systems' are complete theory.

You want something that's proven. Something from a straight shooter who speaks from real experience and has been successful. Sure, there are some big name self-help 'gurus' out there who put out quality products, seminars, etc. But they want you to cough up thousands upon thousands of dollars for those products.

I am here to tell you that you don't have to pay through the nose to learn the secrets of taking massive, consistent action. You're not going to have to pay a bunch of money or wait forever to learn the secrets of true success and...

When Your Family Sees The Change In You
They Are Going To Be Utterly Shocked!

  • You'll exhibit a new shining confidence that's contagious
  • You'll be succeeding beyond your wildest dreams and enjoying the ride!
  • The respect, power and happiness that comes from finally being in total control of your life will be yours!

It's Quick, Easy And Step-By-Step

Welcome to 'Control Your Life Today', my brand new set of video tutorials with the single objective of putting you in total control of your life in the shortest possible time. These step-by-step videos contain my condensed knowledge of 10 years of consistent and massive success.

You're going to learn what worked and what hasn't worked, with my own real life examples so that you can copy my successes and learn how to blast through what's been holding you back and achieve massive success.

Exactly What's Inside 'Control Your Life Today'?

Inside the you will start on a journey to personal, emotional and financial freedom with a system that has been proven to work time after time after time. I will take you by the hand from Day One and show you what to do day by day after that until you reach your personal goals. There is none of the usual hype and airy-fairy nonsense... just a series of simple, sensible steps that you can start taking immediately to see real progress in your life.

Achieving Success Has Never Been This Easy To Grab!

Here are just a few of the awesome tactics you're going to master quickly...

Why you should never use positive thinking they way you've been taught in the past!

How to plant seeds that blossom into amazing successes every time!

How to predict success before you start working on a project!

Secret ways to give yourself huge boosts in motivation & confidence in  3 seconds or less!

Exactly why most other self improvement courses fail to perform and how you can avoid failure forever!

How to fast track projects like never before (you'll learn how  to pump out a 2-month project in just a week or two through insider action techniques).  



How would you feel if your online business, life and confidence were soaring to all-new heights by this time next month? If you just take the first simple, painless step, inside a month you'll have...

1. An all new level of confidence that allows you to conquer any fear instantly!

2. A business that has been taken to a whole new level of success!

3. Happiness will be attracted to you automatically!

4. A completely fulfilled life and emotional state that empowers you to success in everything you do!

Taking Control Of Your Life, Finances & Happiness Is Just One Simple Step Away... Attaining Success Has Never Been Easier!

Okay, I know you're ready to grab life by the horns and make your future what you want it to be. I can help you with that... but you do have to take the very first step on your own. I promise that a smile will crack across your face when you start seeing how easy it really is for you to get everything that you've ever wanted in your life. All you need to do just follow my lead and the rest is going to fall into place for you.

What would you do if you could finally take charge of your life and create an online business that's making a sizeable and consistent income? How about when you develop a new-found confidence that radiates to everyone around you? Wouldn't you like to be the person that people say "What an energized and happy person" when you leave a room? Well, you will be!

It's Time For You To Grab Your Future
And Start Getting Everything That You Deserve In Life!

Start Seeing Real Change In As Little As Two Weeks...

Short two-hour course tells all... you will be up and running fast.

Start setting goals for your success right away.

Turn obstacles into opportunities to explode your income!

Take control of every aspect of your life and banish procrastination forever!

So simple, even the laziest person cannot fail to see reults.



I am completely blown away. Control Your Life Today did exactly what you said it does. I love your system.

Julia Moore.



Now, I know that you may have this question running around in your head, so I wanted to address it right out of the gate... Can you see real results from this system?

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that anyone - even the laziest and least motivated person - can drastically improve their outlook on life and use this training to stop procrastinating and finally start making very real changes in their life if they but follow the tips in 'Control Your Life Today'...

I have made this so simple to follow that, seriously, even a school kid could understand it and put it into action. And, even if you're already seeing success in your life, this course will take your achievements to a whole new level.

Listen, this is information that has taken me years of trial and error in the real world to perfect. I know this stuff works!

I simply ask you to invest just two hours of your time in the watching the video training and take some take some very simple steps to implement what I show you. You will start to see real improvements almost immediately and, then, you will never look back.

Don't You Deserve The Same Kind Of Success And Lifestyle As The Big Marketing 'Gurus'?

Listen, I'm not going to try to sell you ALL the reasons why you should take action and purchase 'Control Your Life Today'. If you are not achieving the success you desire because one obstacle after another gets in your way and prevents you from making that 'breakthrough', you need this training. It's as simple as that.

You can try another one of those big-ticket 'self-improvement' courses, full of hype and pie-in-the-sky nonsense, or you can opt to learn some simple, commonsense, techniques from someone who was once in the same boat as you are, but found a way to break through and achieve real success.

Can you really put a price on that? I don't think so.

And, before you think that I'm trying to lead up to a ridiculously high price, let me stop you.

All B.S. aside, 'Control Your Life Today' will cut to the chase and massively improve your productivity and motivation in just a few simple steps. I have been where you are and I want to see you succeed and succeed quickly. And that's why I want you to be able to easily afford the life-changing information I'm going to share with you.

Act now and you can grab my 'Control Your Life Today' video training program and start seeing real change in your life for the low, low price of $34.95 (+$4.30 post & packing)

In an attempt to sweeten the deal even more for you, I'm also going to add the following two hot bonuses to your order at no charge if you try my 'Control Your Life Today' right now. Both are designed to help you to take your new 'go-get' attitude and apply it to your business to see real results fast...


'10 Easy Ways To Get Tons Of Traffic To Your Website' (Digital Version)

OK. You're now focused on improving your online business. One of the first questions you will have is: How do I drive hoardes of targeted visitors to my websites?

Well, I already show you how to get your product created and making sales within 24 hours of launching it... but how do you really ramp up the number of buyers?

I'm sure it won't come as any surprise to you, but there isn't just one answer to this question... but there are 10 I can think of right off the bat that are the simplest and most effective techniques I use whenever I launch a new product and you should do the same.

I invite you to 'eavesdrop' on a phone call I recently had with another top Internet marketer. For over an hour we discussed the top ways in which we each drive targeted traffic to our websites, with nothing held back.

Here's just some of what you're going to learn...

Under the Radar Traffic Secrets... The free way to ensure your 'keywords' and 'key phrases' can be found in found ALL positions between 1 and 10 on Google WITHOUT PAYING A PENNY! (This information is priceless)

How to Create an Unstoppable Tidal Wave of Traffic... Don't waste time trying to figure out how to get visitors to your website. Instead, discover the secrets to unleashing a traffic stream that you simply CANNOT STOP even if you wanted to!

How to Create Lifetime Income... Discover the secrets of how to acquire new customers for short-term profits (to put cash in your pocket fast) AND THEN how to turn those customers into a lifetime income stream!

Secret Search Engine Tricks for Beating the Competition... The ingenious secrets that let you identify competitors and exploit their weaknesses to make more money for yourself (over 90 million webpages get this one thing completely wrong!).

How to Attract Targeted Visitors to Your Website in 15 Minutes or Less... This little understood paid-for traffic method provides instant measurable results. But there are a few things you need to know before you go galloping off into the world of "buying web traffic" (find out what they are and how to make big money from them right NOW).

There is so much crammed into this one phone call, so make sure you have a pen and some paper next to you to make notes as you listen.



'7 Days To Internet Cash'
(Digital Version)

Would you like to know the simple steps necessary to start making easy cash on the Internet in just 7 days?

'7 Days To Internet Cash' does what it says on the tin. It is a comprehensive, yet simple to follow, step-by-step, action plan that takes you from a standing start to earning real money online in just 7 days.

Whether you are a total Internet marketing newbie looking for the fast track to an online business, or a seasoned 'pro' looking for a new income stream, this ecourse is going to make a fascinating read.

Over the course of 126 power-packed pages, you will be shown how to create a business plan, how to identify a hungry market, where to source products, how to put together your website, how to take payments and how to get visitors and sales.

In short, '7 Days To Internet Cash' is a complete blueprint for making real money online in the shortest possible time. When you have done it once, just 'rinse and repeat' to grow your new Internet empire!


So go ahead and grab 'Control Your Life Today' now, for the cost of a large pizza, and look forward to a new life of clarity and decisiveness!

On top of all this, you're fully covered by my cast-iron, better than Money Back Guarantee...


My Personal 100% Satisfaction Guarantee To You...

Listen, if you don't agree that 'Control Your Life Today' is the most valuable and easy to use training you have ever seen for eliminating the doubts and obstacles that are holding you back and setting you on the path to massive success in your life and business, simply return the package to me within 30 days of receipt and I'll issue a 100% refund on the spot... no hard feelings and no questions asked.

That's right. You get a full 30 days to review and use all of the information it took me years to figure out. And if you can't see how you can exploit it to your personal advantage, then I insist you ask for (and receive) an immediate refund.

And, even if you decide to opt for a refund, I still want you to keep the bonuses as my free gift just for giving this a shot.

There is absolutely no risk whatsoever on your part. The burden to deliver is entirely on me.

I am that sure that when you see how powerful a life-changer this course is, you will not even think of wanting a refund!

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Take Action And Get Started Now!
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You are just one click away from being able to finally stop your procrastination, stop your fear, stop your excuses and stop all of the other things that have been holding you back from succeeding at the level you know you are capable of for so long.

Change Your Life Today!


Andrew Holtom

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P.S. You will be totally amazed when you see how easy it is to change your life by making just a few simple changes. Your only regret will be that you didn't take this action years ago!


"I would recommend anyone who's able to and wants to move forward in life, to try out the Control Your Life Today program."

Elliot Sinclair


Andrew Holtom, WebMarketInformation.com

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